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Vivien Leigh Can Speak For Herself

The Evening Independent
June 10, 1940
by Alicia Hart

A very definite sort of person is Vivien Leigh, the charming British actress who won fame as Scarlett O’Hara, and is now going back to England to serve her country. She is especially definite in her views on certain subjects of interest to women.

She’s Easy to Interview
Completely self-confident, extremely gracious and well able to speak for herself without aid from the battery of publicity agents that usually surround the average motion picture star during an interview.

Miss Leigh discussed:
Clothes- “I like tailored suits and dinner dresses. I never have more than one or two soft afternoon dresses in my wardrobe or more than that number of decollete, strictly formal gowns. I wear black in the city, bright colors in the country.”

Hats- “I like plain ones. I seldom wear a hat anyway, but when I do it’s simple, you may be sure.”

Long bobs- “They don’t take so much living up to as uppish, more elaborate coiffures.”

Women in relation to the world crisis- “Was there ever a time when we were more in need of calm poise and an ability to face facts?”

Soap and water- “I wash my face several times a day. And use cream only to remove theatrical make-up.”

Prefers Minimun Make-up
Make-up- “Too much make-up distorts the natural expression lines of a face. A little face powder, a little rouge, a little mascara and a moderate amount of lipstick ought to suffice in town. In the country, lipstick alone ought to be about right.”

Blouses- “Frilly ones make me tired.”

Care of the hair- “If you brush it every night, I don’t think you’ll ever have any serious hair problems.”

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