What was Vivien Leigh’s real name?
Vivien Leigh was born Vivian Mary Hartley, in 1913.

Where was Vivien Leigh born?
Vivien was born in Darjeeling, India, which, at the time, was part of the British Empire.

Are Vivien Leigh and Janet Leigh related?
No, they’re not related. Vivien was born Vivian Mary Hartley and Janet Leigh was born Jeanette Helen Morrison. Vivien took the name Leigh from her first husband (it was his middle name).

Who was married to Vivien Leigh?
Vivien’s first husband was Leigh Holman. The two divorced in 1940.
Vivien’s second husband was Laurence Olivier. They were married from 1940 to 1960.

Did Vivien Leigh have any children?
Yes, Vivien had one daughter, Suzanne Holman.

What happened to Vivien Leigh’s daughter?
She married Robin Farrington in 1957. They had three sons and numerous grandchildren. Suzanne died in 2015.

Did Vivien Leigh have any grandchildren?
Vivien’s daughter, Suzanne, had three sons.

How tall was Vivien Leigh?
She was 5 foot, 3 inches tall.

How did Vivien Leigh die?
Vivien died in her home, at Eaton Square, from tuberculosis.

What did Vivien Leigh die from?

When did Vivien Leigh die?
She died in 1967.

How old was Vivien Leigh when she made “Gone With the Wind?
Vivien was 25 years old when she made GWTW.

How old was Vivien Leigh when she died?

Vivien was just 53 years old when she passed away.

What color are Vivien Leigh’s eyes?
According to Vivien, her eyes were gray.

When did Laurence Olivier die?
Olivier died on July 11, 1989.

How much did Vivien Leigh weigh?
Approximately 100 lbs.

Did Vivien Leigh have any siblings?
Vivien had twin sisters, both of whom passed away within hours to a day of their births.

Why didn’t Vivien Leigh make more movies?
Vivien preferred being on the stage rather than in front of a camera.